To maximize the return on investment and low costs Temenos comes up with a new release every year with additional features and functionality and newer improved technology.

Our team has experience with providing consulting for client’s right from the initial planning stage to implementation of Upgrade. This includes upgrade of T24, Database, Desktop to Browser and platform upgrade.

  • We help our customers formulate strategies whether to go for Business Re-alignment or Technical Upgrades in Phase 1
  • Manage Risk for the customer grouping the upgrade in logical phases so that the bank may be able to manage and reduce their risk yet be able to gain from the benefits of upgrading both technically and business wise
  • Provide a structured way to perform the upgrade with documentation throughout the lifecycle
  • Use automation for testing to ensure results are 100% accurate.

Upgrading from an older version to a newer release seems like a tedious task. However our consultants following the TIM methodology ensure that the process of upgrading is faster and lowers the total cost of ownership.