Analytics & Reporting


NdcTech team has vast experience of implementing analytics with banks and financial institution. We ensure relevant management information to all its skate holders is presented through Temenos Analytics.

Temenos Analytics is fully integrated with T24 and provides banking specific analytical solutions that improves business decisions, optimize performance and enrich customer interaction.

Temenos Analytics, previously known as Temenos Insight, is a market-leading Business Intelligence (BI), analytics, and reporting solution specifically designed for banks and the core Business Intelligence product suite of Temenos. Analytics is a componentized vertical solution this means that, depending on a specific client’s need.

Analytics can provide a diverse array of features and functionalities, which range from the simple extraction of Temenos Core Banking data and transformation of it in a relational format to fully-fledged business intelligence processing.

Customers can choose the solution that best suits their needs, the Temenos Analytics is characterized by a three-tiered approach:

  1. Data Ex-store:
    Core banking data extraction, parsing, historical archive and warehousing. For clients that only need data extraction and have existing DW Export or reporting solution Data solution.
  2. Content Packages:
    i.e. out-of-the-box contents like reports, cube analysis and KPI dashboards, designed to align directly with the available Temenos Core Banking Suites.
  3. Add-On Modules:
    i.e. optional value-add features which provide advanced analytical capabilities. This includes (Digital Analytics, Embedded Analytics, Predictive Analytics & Customer Profitability etc)

We offer services for three different platforms which can cater to clients with diverse needs – Data Ex-Store, the Reporting Platform and the Advanced Analytics Platform. The core component of each of these platforms is a MS SQL Database layer, which receives, stores and processes data through a set of data structures.