Fin Bazaar


This year NdcTech participated at the Innovation Jam in Abu Dhabi with product “Fin Bazaar”. Initially there were 15 companies who submitted their ideas out of which 8 companies were shortlisted to present at the JAM. We are delighted to share that NdcTech this year was voted as the runner-up coming in second at the Innovation Jam.

NdcTech has been analyzing latest trends in online shopping and believe there are key shift in consumers behavior. Going out for shopping causes inconvenience of time, money and energy.

There are many of reasons why you should prefer buying from Fin Bazaar while shopping online. One of the basic and important reasons behind that is its reliability as it has been rated as one of the safest and reliable options by the masses while shopping online.

Our product Fin bazaar offers a diverse assortment of products in categories ranging from consumer electronics to household goods, beauty, fashion, sports equipment, and groceries. Focused on providing an excellent customer experience, secure payments, versatile product catalogs, Merchant portal, Installment calculator and Instant financing.