T24 Arrangement Architecture

T24 Arrangement Architecture is Temenos AG’s state of the art product suite which allows business users to create and customize banking products. The object oriented architecture of the Arrangement Architecture suite allows unparalleled flexibility of use, component reusability decreases time taken to get products to market, and core banking operations staff gain the control of the system they need to best service their customers.

T24 Retail

The T24 Retail module handles end-to-end branch banking operations from customer and account creation to cash based and fund transfer transactions. The customer module stores the customers static data using a one-time entry which enables speedy execution of all other transactions.

T24 Loans and Deposits

T24’s Loans and Deposits module allows for creation of both asset and liability side products using the same process. The module allows for both manual and automatic repayment schedules, use of fixed and floating rates, rate changes, automated repayment, detailed enquiries and reports.

T24 Letter of Credit

This module is used to handle Letters of Credit. The LC module allows input of LCs, amendment, cross currency transaction i.e. LC setup in one currency but payments in another, taking of margins, document handling, Swift message generation. The Drawings module is linked with LCs and handles payments being made on the basis of LCs. The module contains a very wide variety of in built queries and reports and – like all of T24 – allows for sophisticated custom built enquiries also.

T24 Guarantees

Guarantees are handled in T24 using the T24 Miscellaneous Deals module. The module handles guarantee issuance, amendment, margins, claims, invocation, maturity, enquiries and reports. In other words, T24 allows a bank to handle the entire lifecycle of guarantee within the system.

T24 Syndicated Loans

T24 Syndicated Loans handles both the agent and participant roles in a syndicated loans deal. A bank playing the agent role can setup the entire syndicated deal in the system. This includes pre-syndication work, invitations to participate, acceptance, facility creation, specifying shares of each participant, interest rates charged for and by participants, scheduling, division of repayment between deal participants and detailed enquiries and reports. A bank working purely as a participant can also use the Syndicated Loans module to receive payments from the agent.

T24 Foreign Exchange

T24 Foreign Exchange module can be used for both foreign exchange and precious metals trading. The T24 Foreign Exchange module seamlessly handles major transaction types such as spot, forward, swap and options (both multi-rate and single rate).

T24 Money Market

T24 Money Market is used for interbank borrowing and lending. Fixed period or call/notice loans and deposits can be created for use in interbank or corporate borrowing or lending. Interest and principal payments can be bundled together or handled separately in a repayment schedule. The module allows for fixed, floating or periodic interest rates as well as bullet or partial repayment, automatic or manual repayments and rollover functionality.

T24 Securities

T24 Securities module allows banks to buy and sell bonds and stocks on their own account and also allows them to maintain customer portfolios. The module includes functionality to setup portfolios, setup securities, incorporate relevant characteristics into bonds and stocks, conduct trades in these bonds and stocks, conduct relevant corporate actions and analyze all of the resulting data using detailed enquiries and reports for maintenance of security positions in total.

T24 General Ledger

T24 General Ledger handles Financial Accounting and Reporting for banks. The module is highly customizable and gives users the flexibility to setup their accounting and financial reporting requirements as per the specific requirements and regulations of their own bank and their own country. The GL module allows for easy creation of headers, lines and columns for reporting and allows seamless classification of accounting entries related to accounts, contracts and the banks own profit and loss accounts.

T24 Financial Crime Mitigation

T24 FCM is used to detect terrorist financing and money laundering. The screening engine of FCM highlights blacklisted individuals, the profiling module detects unusual transaction sizes and behaviours which could be indicative of money laundering and the risk module assigns appropriate risk levels to customers based on a variety of relevant parameters.

T24 Channels

Temenos’ channels solutions enable you to deliver products and services for any business line (retail, corporate, wealth, universal) across all self-service and assisted channels (branch, contact center, RM advisors, internet, mobile) for any user (customer, teller, advisor) and accessible by any device (desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, smartTV) and in any language–
with a consistent, optimized user experience, all delivered from a single platform.

T24 Islamic

The T24 Islamic module handles major Islamic transactions such as murabaha, ijarah and musharaka. The module uses a standard workflow and accounting entries representing asset request, asset purchase and asset sale. Asset sale is a loan contract based on Arrangement Architecture.

T24 Inclusive Banking

T24 Inclusive Banking is used for micro-financing. This is one of T24s newest modules and uses process workflows and easy user interfaces to allow end users to easily configure micro-finance products.

T24 Analytics

T24 Analytics is Temenos AGs premier analytical and reporting tool. T24 Analytics helps banks provided desired data and reports on time to the correct person. Analytics also helps banks analyze their data particularly customer profitability. It can also be effectively used to predict customer attrition and customer lifetime value.

Analytics has built in features to create dashboards related to financial performance, customer movement, cash flows and transactions types.

Analytics puts the power of sophisticated slicing and dicing of data directly into the hands of end users. Microsoft Corporation’s PowerBI can also be embedded with Temenos Analytics.