The Client

Having NdcTech as an implementation partner for Temenos Core Banking and their solid and proven expertise really helped the bank upgrade the system on time. The upgrade ensured that disruptive new features are available to us for ongoing and future digital initiatives. This has allowed the bank to attract new customers and enhance the experience of the existing ones.
Hussein Abuayyash
IT Director | Capital Bank of Jordan

Since its inception in 1995, Capital Bank has grown to become one of the top financial institutions in Jordan, offering the Jordanian market a comprehensive set of retail, commercial, and investment banking services and solutions tailored for individuals and corporate clients. After the group’s latest expansion in Jordan and Iraq, it has become one of the largest Jordanian banks operating in the local market with 28 branches in Jordon and 18 branches in Iraq.

Capital Bank envisioned an ambitious strategy that would position the Bank as a successful model for modern digital banking. The Bank aims to provide digital services and processes throughout its operations, offering advanced and innovative experiences to both individual and corporate clients based on international best practices.


To reinforce its competitive position, the Bank implemented an expansion strategy and acquired all branches of Bank Audi in Jordan & Iraq, and initiated a transformation journey to support this growth. The Bank’s existing systems were not equipped to handle the changes that it wanted to undertake for this transformation. Hence, it decided to upgrade its current Core Banking to the latest release to benefit from a Modern Banking architecture and to scale up its acquisition. The Bank needed to work with a provider with a global presence and an implementation partner with a successful track record to scale and support its multi-site capabilities, meet the regulatory challenges and use its experience of multiple engagements both regionally and globally.


Temenos continues to invest in new functionality and modern architectures making them available to customers through an Upgrade. The Bank took advantage of this facility to upgrade its Core banking to the latest release both technically and functionally in two different phases. The Bank decided to partner with NdcTech, to implement the most suitable Temenos modules which would allow them to scale regionally and leverage modern banking features across and including all acquisitions of Capital Bank. Through this implementation, the bank was able to mitigate the operational risk of running the bank on an outdated and end-of-life Core Banking System.

We are proud to build on our long-standing relationship with Capital Bank of Jordan, providing the technology and expertise that will prepare the bank for the future. Running on next-generation Temenos Transact Core Banking platform, the bank benefits from speed, efficiency and agile product building capability to quickly develop and deploy new digital banking experiences, helping it differentiate and drive customer growth in line with its ambitious expansion plans. Temenos has deep experience with banks in Jordan and across the MEA region and together with our partner NdcTech, we are excited to be part of Capital Bank’s digital transformation.
Jean-Paul Mergeai
President | APAC and MEA, Temenos

The implementation was done collaboratively with the full participation of Bank, Temenos, and NdcTech and where required third-party vendors. NdcTech provided the technical and functional expertise, best practices to perform the Upgrade and implement a modern product innovation engine for AA retail and lending, back to core functionalities as well as the country-specific regulatory requirements. The Bank team had full ownership of this transformation journey with the support of Temenos and NdcTech.

The Upgrade Strategy included project management, upgrade assessment for back to Core, and migration from legacy products such as LD, MM & Accounts to AA Account, Deposit, and Lending products. The strategy included fully revamping the limits module which further strengthened risk mitigation, automating technical features for operational excellence such as code screening, automate authorization, deployment, versioning, auto COB, etc. The team also implemented full integration with all channels such as branches of the Bank; Internet, Mobile, ATMs, IVR, etc. as well as third-party applications such as credit bureaus, National ID check, etc.

Benefits to the Bank

We are proud to be a business partner with Capital Bank of Jordan through their digital transformation journey. NdcTech was able to provide its un-matched Temenos expertise, project accelerators and capacity which was required to make this journey successful as well as meet the challenges of migrating the acquired banks data. We are delighted that the bank has completed its first stage of digital transformation journey with us and continues to scale and innovate, transforming the way in which banking is done.
Ammara Masood
CEO & President | NdcTech

The implementation of the new system has helped Capital Bank to create a footprint in the Jordanian Market. As a result, all branches of the Bank have been fully integrated to establish a Modern Banking architecture for the Bank.

The Bank will now have higher scalability, ease of maintenance, and agility of integrations with channels due to a modern banking architecture. Local developments to the core platform of the latest upgrade will provide stability, enhanced functionalities, and reduce the operation cost of maintaining local developments for Capital Bank. The upgrade will also help the Bank accelerate its digital transformation journey and allow channels and business applications to integrate and communicate with Temenos Transact seamlessly. It will also help in expediting the progress of all digital initiatives.

Functional upgrade to the latest system will provide leverage to Capital Bank in the Jordanian Market. These capabilities of Temenos Transact will help the bank business to launch new products and services quickly reducing the time to market. This implementation will also enable Capital Bank of Jordan to comply with Central Bank’s regulatory requirements and reporting needs.

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About Capital Bank

Since its inception in 1995, Capital Bank has grown to become one of the top financial institutions in Jordan, offering the Jordanian market a comprehensive set of commercial and investment banking services and solutions tailored to the needs of individuals and corporate clients alike. Capital Bank’s mission is to provide innovative, simplified, and holistic financial solutions through enhanced products & an elevated level of customer service and experience in the Jordanian and Iraqi markets. Capital Bank offers its corporate clients a wide variety of services such as corporate finance, commercial finance, retail services, asset management, securities brokerage and market research through its investment arm – Capital Investments, a wholly owned subsidiary of Capital Bank.