Thanks for the wonderful response to NdcTech and Temenos “Bank of the Future Forum 2020”  on Tuesday, November 17th, 2020. In keeping with the yearly tradition along with valued partners Ndctech conducted the Bank of the Future Forum 2020” this year as well.

This forum featured an impressive lineup of experts from Temenos and other valued partners. Speakers from high profile banks,  global Fintechs and NdcTech and shared their own experiences revolving around innovations and successful implementations that transformed banks.

Bank of the Future Forum is an engaging and open forum where Banks, FIs, Regulators and Global Fintech’s will gather together to network, share experiences, exchange insights and industry information and discuss practical steps banks of the future need to take to maximize the potential from investment in Temenos products and NdcTech services. It is a unique opportunity to initiate, develop and maintain lasting business relationships.

In case you have missed out on the Live event, you can still access it here:

Agenda of Bank of the Future Forum 2020:

Speakers : Bank of the Future Forum 2020: