Amlak International adopts the latest digital lending systems in partnership with Temenos and NdcTech.

Amlak International, the world’s leading real estate finance company has announced that it has signed an agreement with Temenos, the world leader in banking and financial software for its flagship Core Lending System T24 in place of its existing legacy system. National Data Consultant (NdcTech), a Pakistan based IT consultancy will implement the new system as the authorized partner of Temenos in Middle East and Africa region.

The new lending system which is based on the latest in the banking and financial software industry will enable Amlak’s global operations to be more efficient, enhance procedures and reduce the processing time to meet customer needs.

The agreement was signed by Amlak CEO Abdullah Al Sudairi, Mr. Jean-Paul Mergeai Managing Director Temenos Middle East & Africa and Ms. Ammara Masood, CEO of NdcTech.

Commenting on the agreement Amlak’s CEO, Abdullah Al Sudairi stated “This step is part of Amlak’s global strategy to adopt leading best practices and professional standards to stimulate its position within the real estate finance sector. These procedures and operations will enhance the company’s ability to meet its customer’s needs.” Al-Sudairi pointed out that Temenos’ choice of operational solutions reflects Amlak’s commitment to cooperate with the best banking and financial system providers to ensure the delivery of high quality products and solutions in line with Amlak’s global philosophy.

Jean-Paul Mergeai, Managing Director of Temenos is proud to have reached this agreement with Amlak International, which will allow Temenos to replace Amlak’s current Core Lending system with the latest Digital Lending systems and managing the process of transformation with the processing systems, which will be reflected in enhancing the level of service to customers and support the competitiveness of Amlak’s global services.

Following the signing of the agreement, Ms. Ammara Masood, CEO of NdcTech stated “We are delighted that AMLAK has chosen NdcTech as a business partner for implementation Temenos Core Lending system. Together our teams will achieve success and enable AMLAK to be at the leading edge of technology and streamline its business processes to add value to its customers.”