Revolutionizing Banking in Saudi Arabia with our Country Model Bank Framework


The banking sector in Saudi Arabia has experienced remarkable growth and development in recent years. Driven by economic reforms and technological advancements, it has become a dynamic and competitive landscape, attracting both domestic and international interest. This transformation has positioned Saudi Arabia as a prominent player in the global financial arena.

We have been the key players in the Saudi Arabian market, transforming the digital capabilities of pioneering banks for several years in the region. We offer Saudi Arabian banks a pre-designed country model bank framework which is a specialized banking model tailored to meet the specific requirements and regulations set by the central bank of KSA. Additionally, we also have the license rights by Temenos to develop Country Model Banks on top of Temenos Open Platform for the GCC region, including KSA.

This whitepaper highlights the benefits, key features, and local market practices of our Saudi Arabian Country Model Bank. Leveraging our extensive expertise in the Saudi Model Bank, Banks in KSA can strategically expedite their transformation journey.

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