Core Modernization

Building a modern core infrastructure that meets the future needs of the digital era

The Core Banking system is the heart and backbone of the Bank’s IT infrastructure, making it critical for Banks to adopt a Future proof strategy in order to maintain competitive relevance and attain operational excellence in a digital-first environment

NdcTech’s Core Modernization services help Banks and Financial institutions transform legacy technology and applications into a modern ecosystem. We help organizations renew the platforms they need to be market leaders using modern architectural patterns and platforms that mitigate technology obsolescence risks while improving usability, security, and technical excellence

Objectives for Core Banking Modernization

Banks and Financial institutions seek Core Banking modernization as an effective means to respond to several internal and external business imperatives

We work with Temenos experts to ensure that the key architectural principles are met

Customer Objective

  • Improve customer experience to expand reach and fuel growth
We seamlessly integrate Temenos Infinity with existing Core applications

Business Objectives

  • Standardize and streamline end to-end business processes
  • Improve and ensure compliance with new emerging regulations
  • Expedite time-to-market for new products
We apply our experienced talent to create the ultimate design experience

Technology Objectives

  • Gain the benefits of technology advancements while optimizing costs
  • Improve core applications through service-oriented architecture (SOA) and enhanced interoperability
We go for “Out of the Box” approach with our Infinity customization capabilities

Operations objectives

  • Improve operational efficiency via standardization of business processes
  • Eliminate manual operations
  • Build seamless processing capabilities

Benefits of Core Modernization

Working with NdcTech ensures your Bank is ready for the dynamic business environment and enables you to experience the multi-faceted benefits of Core Banking transformation

Stamps out manual data handling

Time tested and Future-proof Core Banking transformation strategy

Delivers superior customer experience

Accelerated product innovation, agility, and faster time to market

Enhances business governance

Scalable IT infrastructure supporting organic growth for the Bank

Improves quality and consistency through automation of processes

Reduced cost of deposits for Banks due to improvements in operational efficiency

Increases process & operational efficiency and reduces manual errors, giving your business more time to focus on primary objectives

Enhanced competitiveness using new analytical tools, leading to increases in customer acquisition and retention

Our offerings to modernize your Core

Our powerful combination of technology expertise, tools, methodologies, and service delivery capabilities provides the depth and breadth needed for successful digital initiatives

Core Banking Implementation

NdcTech enables digital transformation by adopting agile and modern Core Banking systems of the future. We believe in continuous innovation of the Core for Banks, so that they can expand their digital horizon & compete effectively to become a Bank of the future


Core Banking Upgrades

By upgrading to the latest Core Banking system, we enable Banks to digitally transform their banking operations, establish a modern banking architecture, and rapidly launch new innovative products in the market


Data Migration

NdcTech delivers seamless migration of legacy data to the new systems to ensure data is complete, accurate, reconciled and satisfies all the testing required


Financial Crime Mitigation

NdcTech assists banks and financial institutions to answer regulatory compliance with expert’s consultancy and a next generation top-notch financial crime mitigation solution, eliminating risks and possible financial frauds


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