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Banking Strategy

From the development of the strategic plan to the actual completion of the project, NdcTech provides support during all phases of the platform implementation. Our team promises to deliver personalized assessment and services covering analysis of markets, evaluation of customer needs, identification of new sources and levers for growth and innovation

Business Process Review

Through our business process optimization services, we quickly assess your organization, people, processes, and systems. Efficient and robust business processes are essential to for a company´s competitiveness in the market place. Our thorough approach helps you identify value for your customers and eliminate delays to optimize your end-to-end processes

Centre of Excellence

To help you keep pace with the adoption of new technology, Training is a key part of change management which helps in familiarizing and equipping the clients’ team with required knowledge and skills. Our team of experts start with conducting a detailed analysis to map the right level of training required. The training methodology includes equipping users in all branches with the knowledge of the Transact & Infinity platforms, their benefits, features and how to utilize them to their maximum potential for optimized results

Our detailed training sessions cover all important aspects of operating the new system

Setting up a center of excellence

Setting up a center of excellence

Business Training

Business Training

Advanced Training

Advanced Training

Technical and system operations training

Technical and system operations training

End User Training

End User Training

Temenos Learning Community

As a partner of Temenos, we have successfully certified our experts using TLC online, a cloud-based, subscription service which delivers easy access to digital training materials covering Temenos products, suites and technologies to our employees. TLC online enables our employees have access to all the resources offered through this platform, easily connect, learn and share knowledge within the online community


NdcTech has been a trusted technology consultant for banking and financial institutions of all types & sizes – all of whom have leveraged our technical and domain expertise for their specific outsourcing needs at various stages of the project lifecycle. Our services cover a wide range of business areas such as Multi-Channel Banking, Core banking, Digital Banking, Loans and Financing, Payments, Cash/investment Management, Trade Finance, Tax, Risk and Governance

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