The future: unlocking value

84% Banks agree that DevOps methodologies and modern cloud based platforms will drive transformation in core banking services

The future: unlocking value

81% of banking executives believe a multi cloud strategy will become a regulatory pre-requisite in the future

Role of AI in the digital shift

66% of banking executives state that new technologies like AI will continue to drive the global banking sphere up to 2025

Rising competitors of Banks

Payment players, Technology and Ecommerce disruptors & Partnerships between Tech giants and Fintechs

Top 3 priorities of Banks till 2025

Improving customer experience, migrating client usage to digital from physical channels & mastering digital banking

Can Digital Currency be the future of money?

In 2009, the first cryptocurrency i.e. Bitcoin was created and despite operating inefficiencies and security concerns, digital currencies are becoming

The new face of banking a digital transformation

The new face of Banking: a Digital Transformation

The new face of banking: a digital transformation

Future proof digital banking

Future proof Digital Banking

As high speed innovation is revolutionizing the world, it’s a pivotal moment of change for the banking industry as well

We are transforming the landscape for Banks and Financial Institutions through unmatched services and innovations. With 20 years of legacy, a proven track record and skilled expertise, we collaborate with customers to enhance their digital capabilites



Improve every aspect of your digital journey by choosing the right solution for your technology needs

Core Banking Modernization

NdcTech’s Core Banking implementation services combine deep banking knowledge and technology expertise to bring innovative end-to-end offerings to our clients seeking to strengthen their Core Banking capabilities

By upgrading to the latest Core Banking system, NdcTech enables Banks to digitally transform their banking operations, establish a modern banking architecture, and rapidly launch new innovative products in the market.

Experience the Future.NOW.

Digital Banking

Our experience, design and technology teams partner with customers and clients and the product teams to optimize the customer experience, for seamless implementation of Temenos Digital Banking solution.

Experience the Future.NOW.

Banking on the Cloud

Digital Banking and cloud computing are changing how we bank. With NdcTech’s cloud banking services, Banks can become futuristic and innovate without limits.

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Managed Services

Through our Managed Services, we provide Banks with consistent, timely, and personalized interactions. We ensure that your banking technologies are up to date, fully compliant, and operating smoothly.

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Through our Consulting Services, we provide Banks with consistent, timely, and personalized interactions.

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Let our clients tell you how great we are at what we do

"With Temenos, we have been able to build a greenfield digital service to serve our investors in record time. The first phase of the project was live within 60 days, and funding is already beginning to flow to tourism projects across the Kingdom. The Tourism Development Fund has a vital role to play in driving the growth of KSA’s tourism sector and in the diversification of our economy. Therefore, it was essential to have a technology partner that shared our vision and ambition. Temenos was the obvious choice. It is the global leader in banking technology with an agile platform and deep expertise that enables us to build rapidly and scale." Qusai Al FakhriCEO, Tourism Development Fund

"Having NdcTech as an implementation partner for Temenos Core Banking and their solid and proven expertise really helped the bank upgrade the system on time. The upgrade ensured that disruptive new features are available to us for ongoing and future digital initiatives. This has allowed the bank to attract new customers and enhance the experience of the existing ones." Hussein AbuayyashIT Director | Capital Bank of Jordan

"It was a very smooth transition and we were ahead of the planned schedule. It’s the great work of 3 teams of BTPNS, NDC and Temenos. Extending my appreciation to NDC’s team for their full supports to the project" Hadi WibowoCEO – Indonesian Bank

Al Khaliji France, a Paris-based subsidiary of Qatar’s Al Khaliji Bank, implemented the R15 version of T24 and Temenos’ analytics solution, Insight BI. t has also updated its internet banking platform for corporate and individual customers

"This step is part of Amlak’s global strategy to adopt leading best practices and professional standards to stimulate its position within the real estate finance sector. These procedures and operations will enhance the company’s ability to meet its customer’s needs." Abdullah Al SudairiCEO | Amlak

Samba Banks envisions to hyper-scale its presence through digitization rather than traditional channels. The Bank has recently selected NdcTech to modernize its Digital Core, making products and services accessible to its customers via existing and new digital channels.

“The bank had a very demanding request, but the Temenos platform has the built-in functionality to accommodate this. At the program level, we could upgrade rather than replace code and instead of migrating data, we could convert it. The Temenos philosophy of ‘designed for upgradability and change’ holds true.” Ammara MasoodCEO and President at NdcTech

One of Yemen’s oldest banks, Yemen Bank for Reconstruction and Development seamlessly blends tradition and innovation. To support a comprehensive transformation, the Bank selected NdcTech to successfully implement Temenos Transact solutions to drive development of new cutting-edge services for its millions of customers

The implementation was carried out by NDC with Temenos Governance. The implementation is for T24 Islamic which complies with local Sudanese Islamic Banking & Sharia practices and allows the bank to leverage and enhance its advanced positioning in the market.

Pre-packaged Innovations

Out of the box innovations to accelerate digital transformation for Banks

Regulatory innovations

Our innovations offer Banks the regional functionality and framework to go live faster

Country model banking

We provide a broad, pre-packaged Model Bank framework suitable for Banks of all sizes and geographies, enabling them to save time & resources


Regulatory innovations

Digital innovations

Hi Tech products to improve customer experience and cater to their personalized needs

Corporate Loan Origination System

NdcTech-CLOS is a robust tool designed to provide digital and automated lending experience to customers. It helps users to take advantage of the latest mobile technologies to have a fast, smooth, intelligent, and interactive user experience


Digital innovations

Market specific innovations

Comprehensive solutions in line with fast paced changing demands

Pakistan Single Window portal

Pakistan Single Window (PSW) is a platform that allows parties involved in trade and transport to lodge standardized information and documents using a single-entry point to fulfil all import, export and transit related regulatory requirements


Foreign Exchange Digital portal

A foreign exchange portal through which the Bank’s clients will be able to submit their foreign exchange-related cases online without visiting the branch. Through this innovative digital portal, customers can log cases pertaining to Private and Commercial Foreign Remittances, International Trade, Investments, Designation of Authorized Dealers, Guarantees, etc



Market specific innovations

Payment innovations

We help create a seamless user experience by offering solutions to smartly manage your finances

My Wallet

My Wallet is a dynamic and easy-to-use solution carefully designed to offer you personalized suggestions based on your preferences as well as saving and spending patterns. It offers a clean and minimal interface, interactive dashboard, modern design, and intelligent features. Now you can set saving goals, track expenses, pay bills and access integrated financial statements, all through your phone


Payment innovations


Read about the latest trends fueling the Banking and Technology industry

The new face of banking

Hysab Kytab’s PFM integrated by NdcTech in Bank of Punjab’s Digital App

Hysab Kytab’s PFM integrated by NdcTech in Bank of Punjab’s Digital App

The new face of banking

Khushhali Microfinance Bank supercharges Digital Banking with Temenos and NdcTech

Pakistan’s leading microfinance bank providing financial services to SMEs and low income ...

The new face of banking

CEO NdcTech secures Global Accolade in Tech Leadership at the 2021 Banking Tech Awards in London

CEO | NdcTech is the Winner of the 2021 Global Banking Tech Awards.

The new face of banking

U Microfinance Bank collaborates with NdcTech and Temenos to accelerate digitalization

U Bank, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited

The new face of banking

Telenor Microfinance Bank goes live with Temenos & NdcTech to drive Digital Growth

Telenor Microfinance Bank has gone live on Temenos’ modern core banking platform with ...

The new face of banking

Kualitatem and NdcTech collaborate to provide testing as a service on Banking Platforms

Kualitatem Inc., a leading software quality assurance service provider announced their ...

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