Meezan Bank and NDC successfully migrate all HSBC branches on T24. Meezan Bank has successfully gone LIVE and merged all HSBC Bank Operations as of Oct 20, 2014

This integration included several components as below:

  1. Conversion of HSBC Pakistan Conventional products to Meezan Islamic Sharia Compliant products
  2. Conversion of all HSBC customers (Retail and Corporate) to Islamic Banking
  3. Migration of all data from HSBC existing systems into Meezan islamic Banking T24 System
  4. Training of all HSBC branch staff on T24 System

NDC Team was the Consultancy Partner for Meezan for Systems Integration and Migration and an Integral part of this Integration process providing business consultancy and technical expertise to convert all the relevant products and systems to T24.

The process of Integration started in May 2014 when NDC team of consultants was deployed as part of this strategic initiative with the Meezan team.